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While our new little family member was sleeping, I coded a little script that calculates his age in weeks and month and provides an ICS-file with all dates.

Babysteps Overview

Further, we got the book Oje, ich wachse (Affiliate), which lists ten development phases of babys, which can be mapped to certain ages (Week 5, Week 10 etc.) - so I included them as well.

After using Laravel for a long time for any webdevelopment project, this simple site did not need a full blown framework, thus it is plain PHP using mostly two libraries:

  • Carbon which is probably the best DateTime PHP extension I’ve seen until now
  • Simple ICS which provides an easy interface to generate ICS-files.

By the way, ICS is a really weird format - while appointments can be full-day, there is no flag for that. Instead the start should be 00:00 of the day and end the end at 00:00 of the next day. Now add timezones…

Further, the event title is called ‘description’ and the event description is called ‘summary’

Anyway, try it out and if its useful, let me know…